We Are One – Black Coffee featuring Hugh Masekela

Award winning South African House DJ Black Coffee features South African Jazz legend Hugh Masekela in a creative collaboration titled “We Are One”. This song remains one of the most unique contributions to evolving sounds within Jazz music and testament to solid music collaborative efforts and uncharted efforts between the old and new school of South African Music artistes. The track features the fusion of two extreme genres of music; Jazz and South African House to produce a unique groovy sound that could perhaps be called ‘Jazzy House’.

This song features Hugh Masekela rendering a sweet jazzy trumpet solo and strong vocals on DJ Black Coffee’s South African house sound to deliver a message of love, peace and unity. The emotive message of this collaboration lends voice to end racial tensions within South Africa as Hugh sings; “We all need to learn to live together, together as one as a peaceful nation…”.

As my body moves to the rhythm and groove of the house beats I get lost in the sweet trumpet solo from Uncle Hugh and just then he wakes me up with his powerful vocals and literal chant of “Wake Up” bringing me back to the political stance and message of the song; “We Are One” lets stay united Africa.

It is time for Africa and African music to come together as one and tap into the endless creative possibility of music and its various forms and genre. We Are One.

Words by Femi Kuku


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