Muzi – Zulu Skywalker

Official music video for South African artist Muzi’s track ‘Zulu Skywalker’. Championed by the likes of Damon Albarn, The Prodigy and Stormzy, Muzi is a name on the rise and his album ‘AFROViSiON’ couldn’t come at a better time. “There is a substory that flows throughout ‘Afrovision’ about African space travel. The scientific/technologic meets spiritual way. ‘Zulu Skywalker’, ‘Channel Blak’ and ‘Bantu Space Odyssey’ are all inspired by that. My niece loves cartoons but there’s rarely any cartoon that looks like her hence this video. She’s into science, astrology and technology, just like i was when i was little. This video is a first in a series of videos where I’ll further be exploring the concept of space and of young black girls being interested in more than just the monolithic expressions we normally see in our traditional and commercial media.”

Stream the album here:

Source: Mixmag

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