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Yoruba Soul Radio Vol. 119 by Osunlade

Yoruba Soul Radio

WYRB Vol. 119 hosted by Osunlade 

01. 30/70 – “Source”

02. Wallace – “Negroni Eyes”

03. Anderson Pak – “Room In Here” feat The Game & Sonyae Elise

04. Joe B – “The Dude”

05. Little Sister – “Somebody’s Watching You”

06. Miriam Makeba – “The Click Song” (Qongqothwane)

07. Wild Fire – “Living On A String”

08. The Starlights – “Mao Mao”

09. Shigeto – “Pulse”

10. Emiliana Torrini – “Caterpillar”

11. Cisse Abdoulaye – “Aw Ye Douba Ke”

12. Vulture St Tape Gang – “State High”(except)

13. 30/70 – “Local Knowledge”

14. Native Dancer – “Love”

15. Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez – “Oui Pistes”

16. Mavis John – “Use My Body”

17. Third Stream – “In A Galaxy Far Away”


The Official Yoruba Records podcast hosted by Osunlade. Featuring exclusives and unreleased material as well as a plethora of education in music, this is Yoruba Soul Radio

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