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Yoruba Soul Radio Vol. 114 hosted by Osunlade

Yoruba Soul Radio

01. The Olympians – “Stand Tall”

02. Jaime Wood – “Talk To Me”

03. Formula 1 – “Walking With My Eyes Closed”

04. Jitwam – “Alone”

05. Deav Martian – “Happy Birthdeav”

06. Lucas Arruda – “Tamba Part 1`”

07. Mitch Frohman – “29 Accents Con Ritmo”

08. Christian Rich – “Disappear” feat Jay Sean

09. Erik Tagg – “Got To Be Lovin’ You”

10. Shokazulu – “Fresh Fromage”

11. The Frightnrs – “I’d Rather Go Blind”

12. William Antonini – “Omicron”

13. Jay Nemor – “Prelude To Sunday Morning”

14. Butcher Brown – “Forest Green”

15. Greg Float Group – “Door Into Summer


The Official Yoruba Records podcast hosted by Osunlade. Featuring exclusives and unreleased material as well as a plethora of education in music, this is Yoruba Soul Radio volume 114, enjoy.

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