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Yoruba Soul Radio Vol. 113 hosted by Osunlade

Yoruba Soul Radio

01. Ashwood Shepard  “Why- -interlude ii”

02. Thundercat “Them Changes”

03. Alabama Shakes “This Feeling”

04. Mocky “Golden Dream”

05. Floyd Lawson “Roof Top Sugar”

06. Tall Black Guy “Cronicas do Brasil”

07. Susso “Bani”

08. The Internet “Gabby” feat Janelle Monae”

09. Master Plan “Something To Be Done” (Unreleased Version)

10. Sutra “Where You Are”

11. Bossa Combo “Line”

12. Kendrik Lamar “For Free”

13. King Coleman “Down In The Basement”

14. Kina Grannis & 38; MAX “Earned It”

15. Stefan Goldmann “Trench Kit” 


The Official Yoruba Records podcast hosted by Osunlade. Featuring exclusives and unreleased material as well as a plethora of education in music, this is Yoruba Soul Radio

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