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WYBR: Yoruba Soul Radio Vol. 12 hosted by Osunlade

Yoruba Soul Radio

01. Danny Breaks – “Prelude”

02. Lightboxes “Let It Grow”

03. Boris Gardiner “Negril”

04. Clark & 38; The Community “Oh Hey”

05. Okoi Seka Athanse “Me Houe Gnoun (Afro Jon Edit)

06. Taxie “Rock Don’t Stop”

07. Trans Mara Express “Cyrus Funk”

08. Moses Sumney “Seeds”

09. Herbert “Strong”

10. Amara Toure “Fatou”

11. Jon Cohen Experimental “Blood On The Microphone”

12. Dele Sosoimi “E Go Betta”

13. Dj Harrison “Utopia”

14. Wildflower “Bubbles”

15. Jungle Blue “Han Gang”


The Official Yoruba Records podcast hosted by Osunlade. Featuring exclusives and unreleased material as well as a plethora of education in music.

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