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Limitation Music Podcast #24

Limitation Music

01. Fort Romeau – Some Of Us Want For Nothing [100% Silk]
02. Forteba – Mikronauta (Terry Lee Brown Junior Remix) [Plastic City]
03. Addex – Kultural [Limitation Music]
04. Julien Chaptal – Elephants On A String [Intacto]
05. Ilias Katelanos & G. Dellis – Being Apart [Limitation Music ]
06. Savvas – Running Out Of My Heart (Forteba Remix) [Ready Mix Records]
07. Addex – Alabama Slammer [Limitation Music]
08. Black Loops & Maik Yells – The Greatest (Kian T Remix) [Neovinyl Recordings]
09. Peter Clamat – Ultralax [Neovinyl Recordings]
10. Marco Grandi – Lost [Limitation Music]
11. Jazuelle – Days In Forever [DeepStitched]


Addex is a solo project from Romania. His sound is atmospheric deep house with summer sounds, dubby chords, heavy pads and with grooving bongo percussion. Addex also uses the alias Openzone Bar and The Urban District for his relaxing lounge sound. Checkout the Limitation Music Podcast for music from Addex and other label artists from Limitation Music Records.

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