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DJ Swizz (Surreal Sounds) Guest Mix


DJ Swizz (Surreal Sounds) Guest Mix – Tracklist


01.    Fingers In The Noise – Lost In Freezing Fog (Subsequent Remix)

02.    Aybee feat. Omega – In Every Way

03.    Lawrence – Precious Hall

04.    Kai Alce – Ooh (Dubbyman Remix)

05.    The True Rebels – Lift It Up (Sello Remix)

06.    Cavalier – Deep Rider

07.    Hatikva – Synchronicity

08.    Apart (Hyena Remix)

09.    Henry L & Ingo Sänger – Ver

10.    Ferrein – Meeting Sea (Woser Schelek Nb Remix)

11.    DPlay – Klick Klack (Mild Pitch)

12.    Paxton Fettel – Dirt City Lovers

13.    Pablo Bolivar – Across The City (Westpark Unit Heavy Dub)

14.    Erdbeerschintzel – Erethmatics

15.    Francis Harris – You Can Always Leave

16.    Borrowed Identity – Faith

17.    Offshore & Coen – My Definition


DJ Swizz (Surreal Sounds) has emerged as something of a polymath of the deep, driving afro-tech aesthetic in the South African underground house scene.

Taking a liking to house music in the latter part of the 90s upon hearing a popular remix by the New York duo, Masters At Work, Swizz was spellbound. A 17 year journey of self discovery ensued, and an assured Swizz emerged knowing that he had to transcend the label of DJ and fill the role of an industry player and tastemaker of a budding sound on the precipice of a mainstream breakthrough.

Swizz describes the sound that most drives him as anything that possesses an inherent spark, anything that awakens within him an urge to dance.

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