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DEEPINSIDE RADIO SHOW 073 – Summer Collection 2015

DEEPINSIDE Radio Show 073 - August 17 - 2015 Cover


01. Unique2Rhythm feat Tommie Cotton – Tell me (2015, Unique 2 Rhythm)
02. Kaily – No love [Unique2Rhythm mix] (2014, Deeptown Music)
03. Spiritchaser – We will never know (2015, Guess Records)
04. Gilbert Le Funk – That girl (2015, La Musique Fantastique)
05. Ross Couch – Brighter days (2015, Body Rhythm)
06. True2Life feat Phillip Ramirez – Sweet memories (2014, Deeptown Music)
07. Candle feat Leo The Lion – I’ve been in love before [Danny J Lewis mix] (2015, Red Rose Recordings)
08. Ethan White feat Lisa Shaw – Find the way [Richard Earnshaw dub] (2015, Soulstar Records)
09. Demarkus Lewis feat Lacey Stars – Had u first [Roland Nights mix] (2015, Adaptation Music)
10. Marc Cotterell – For those we love (2015, Plastik People Recordings)
11. Celeda – The underground [Richard Grey mix] (2009, Star 69 Records)
12. Sebb Aston – See you again [Wssl mix] (2014, FVR Street)


DEEPINSIDE Presents DEEPINSIDE RADIO SHOW 073 - Summer Collection 2015

Including music by. Unique2Rhythm, Tommie Cotton, Kaily, Spiritchaser, Gilbert Le Funk, Ross Couch, True2Life, Phillip Ramirez, Candle, Leo The Lion, Ethan White, Lisa Shaw, Demarkus Lewis, Lacey Stars, Marc Cotterell, Celeda, Sebb Aston.

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