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Coffee Conversations with Vivian Chuene

Coffee Convesations with Vivian

On her debut show, music aficionado and PR specialist Vivian Chuene sits down to share coffee and conversation with jazz pianist Nduduzo Makhathini. From ancestors to spiritual realms, Pyramids to slavery find out how these influence his being and his continuously growing music catalogue. In this conversation the pair converse about the symbolism in¬†Makhathini’s musical compositions, the inspiration behind his album ‘Listening To the Ground’ and his healing live performances. On a lighter note they also touch on the relationship (highlighting the similarities and juxtapositions between Jazz, Hip Hop and Maskhandi (traditional Zulu folk music), Enjoy.

Nduduzo Makhatini - TsholoMaestro - Houseonradio

Nduduzo Makhatini plays piano on the Rosies Stage at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Photograph by @Tsholomaestro

Join Vivian as she discusses all things music and keep up to date with her latests conversations by following her on Twitter @Vivaciosness. The Coffee Conversations with Vivian podcast is also available on Apple Podcast –


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