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Andy Compton Mixes A Roy Ayers Selection

Andy Compton

Andy Compton - Roy Ayers Selections: Playlist

  •  I AM Your Mind (Part 2) – Roy Ayers
  • Time And Space – Roy Ayers
  • For Real – Roy Ayers
  • Love From The Sun – Roy Ayers
  • Love Is Love – Roy Ayers
  • Emmie – Roy Ayers
  • Sensitize – Roy Ayers
  • I Know You Care – Ethel Beatty
  • Sing Me – Eighties Ladies
  • You Can’t Turn Me Away – Sylvia Striplin
  • Daylight – RAMP
  • Papa Was A Rolling Stone – Roy Ayers
  • Destination Motherland – Roy Ayers
  • Take All The Time You Need – Roy Ayers
  • Gotta Find A Lover – Roy Ayers


People often ask me where I get the inspiration for my productions, well a lot of it comes from this music! Roy Ayers is a massive influence on my sound, and life!!

I made this mix/selection for my car trips, but seems a shame not to share ;)


- Andy Compton

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